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My LiFe~
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The homework is about 10 things make you smile today:

1. I smile because i still can enjoy fresh morning

2. I smile because i still can enjoy to manage my kids and my huby

3. I smile because i went out for dinner in a good restaurant

4. i smile beacause i bought my favorite cartoon movie

5. I smile because i have a job review at the internet

6. I smile because there are still people come to my blog, even my blog is boring

7. I smile because my huby give my some money

8. I smile because i found my old friends and always chat in YM

9. I smile because i’m finish to clean up my house

10. I smile because i done my 10 thing for smile…… Horeeeeee

credit for noni later i'll do the really mine =)

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